Successes and Failures

The first time I made my dish, I chose to put it off until I went home during thanksgiving break, figured it would be best to have my mom there to help me since she has made it so many times. As I had talked about previously, I ended up picking the Barefoot Contessa’s chicken piccata recipe, which is the one my mom refers to whenever she makes it, so I thought I would give it a try myself.

imageimage (2)image (1)

I found the recipe to be pretty easy to follow and my mom helped me whenever I had any questions, a good bonus. The actual process of making the dish wasn’t necessarily hard, just was kind of complicated because everything had to be done really fast and simultaneously. All of the chicken had to cook at the same time and rate, and then had to be taken out at the same time and put straight into the oven. Once it is put into the oven, you need to start making the sauce. If you want something else to eat with the chicken, you can make spaghetti to go with it. If you choose to make the spaghetti, now is the time to do so, that way the spaghetti will be ready when your sauce and chicken are.

Despite having to move quickly, the chicken piccata actually turned out really good, I was impressed it turned out so well—especially for never cooking the dish before and my family seemed to really like it as well. While we were eating it, my mom said “Wow this tastes better than mine usually does!” but it’s definitely a possibility she may have just been saying that to be nice, who knows.

image (3) image (4) image (5)

The second time making the dish didn’t turn out as well as the first. This time, I didn’t have my mom to coach me through it and tell me when I was doing the steps wrong. This time, I had to cook it all on my own with a completely different process and ingredients. One of the main struggles was my kitchen being too small. In my apartment, the kitchen is a lot smaller than the one at home and there’s a lot less counter space when cooking—with this dish you need counter space for all the ingredients and various steps the recipe calls for. Also, we didn’t have some of the utensils I used when I was at home, which made it difficult to gather all the ingredients together, dredge the chicken then transfer it to the pan.

As far as the final product goes, it was kind of a disappointment. The chicken wasn’t as flavorful, turning out blander than the barefoot contessa’s recipe. The same goes for the sauce, the flavor didn’t pop quite as much as the first recipe, probably because it called for less chicken broth and lemon. The second round of chicken picatta wasn’t absolutely terrible but wasn’t amazing either, it was only okay. I have to admit, one of the main reasons I was so dissatisfied is because the first round of chicken piccata went so well and turned out so yummy and I was sure I would be able to reproduce the first experience all on my own. In the end, I prefer the first recipe over the second as far as easiness and taste goes. Next time I make the dish I’m definitely using the Barefoot Contessa recipe over any others!

Recipe #1

Recipe #2


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